We allow our customers an easy shopping process where they can shop and buy by selecting products and adding them to the shopping cart and check-out. This is after making sure that you enter the personal data, e-mail and address to which the request is sent correctly so that we can send the shipment and delivered to the customer in the shortest possible time.

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to ExoMart (all about the world of women and beauty)

Our store terms and conditions ( www.exomart.com ) state the following:

Website Terms and Conditions of Use :

You agree to abide by the terms and conditions in the event that you visit and browse the website, where you are responsible for keeping passwords or other means of identification safe and secure,

ExoMart reserves the right to change parts of the terms of use and the provisions or to add or amend terms, or remove them at any time and is subject to change, and if the changes are published on the site it becomes effective without notice, so please review the terms of use and provisions Keep up to date with all updates.

Sign up:

Some features or services of the site may require registration or subscription, and by choosing to subscribe or register

With these features and services, you agree to provide correct and accurate information and review the information provided and update it in case of wanting to change as the user of the site (the account holder) bears responsibility for the safety, honesty and keeping of passwords or other identification data, and it is located on He is responsible for all activities that result from his account or his password, and he must inform us and in the event that an unauthorized use of the account or his password is noticed, and ExoMart will not be responsible for the occurrence of a loss, whether direct or indirect resulting from any damage in revealing the name User or Password.

Site Contents :

All content entered into the site falls under the exclusive ownership of EXOMART and includes text, logos, graphics, images, icons, digital downloads and data collection,

Security and Privacy:

We, the ExoMart store, are committed to keeping the privacy of all customer data and operations carried out and not disclosing it to any other entity except the shipping companies contracted with, we provide them with information that pertains to order delivery only, otherwise the data falls under the cover of confidentiality and privacy that we pledge not to show to any Another side.

Personal data:

Entering personal data correctly such as (name – mobile number – email – address) facilitates the process of direct communication with the customer to verify the order and the correct address so that we can quickly process the order and ship faster to the requested address. The customer will be further confirmed and confirmed the status of the request via email.

Electronic Communications:

You agree to receive promotional emails by Aksuart store during the registration process, and it is considered a cancelable option at a later time if you do not wish to receive promotional emails

Shopping policy and pricing:

We offer our customers a basket shopping process where they can shop and buy by selecting the product, adding it to the cart, and then completing the purchase procedure. This is after ensuring that the personal data, e-mail, and address to which the request is to be sent are automatically entered so that we can send the shipment and deliver it to the customer in the shortest possible time.

In the event that there are products at incorrect prices due to a mistake, AksuMart reserves the right to cancel the order, correct the prices, and notify the customer of the existence of something in the pricing via email.

The site may require users to confirm or additional information such as a phone number, address, or any other information in the event of a product request and before final approval of the product until the product is actually prepared and sent to the customer, and AksuMart reserves the right to cancel or reject any order for any The reason was at any time.

Shipping and delivery:

The order is shipped through our representatives in Jeddah (within 1-2 working days) or through one of the shipping companies chosen by the client (within 2-5 working days) after completing the payment process, whether by visa or Master Card Or by bank deposit to our bank accounts.

Return Policy:

ExoMart store apologizes for providing the option of return or replacement at the present time because we are keen to provide the best service to our customers, except in the event of damage or defect in the product in the event of any defect or damage to the product. .

Law enforcement and judicial bodies:

The application and interpretation of these terms and conditions according to the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where both parties agree to appear before the courts of the courts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and waive any objections based on the place of the lawsuit.

Resolving disputes:

It is agreed between the two parties that in the event of a dispute arising between the two parties, God forbid, regarding these terms and conditions or its implementation or interpretation, the dispute must be resolved and settled amicably by the first party and negotiations in good faith.

Pricing and payment policy:

ExoMart store provides a variety of payment services to suit all categories of customers. In the event that the payment process is completed, the customer will be notified of the receipt of the amount and start processing the order.

The customer must complete the payment process within a period not exceeding 12 hours from the time of order confirmation so that we can quickly process the order and shipping to the customer’s entered address. The order will be canceled if the payment is not completed on time.

* VAT is applied to the total invoice.

* Exo Mart store VAT number: 310090430600003.